App Re-skinning – Great Way to save time and money !


Re-skinning an app is all about changing the graphics, without changing the codes. And, yes you can apply this technique to all the apps, regardless of the category they fall into, be it the games app or the productivity apps. For instance, in the game application, when we talk about changing the look and feel, it just means you need to change the game characters, background, artwork and the sound of the game, but the gameplay remains the same.

Is re-skinning good for our business?

Yes, one thing you can be sure about it is that it’s loads better than building apps from scratch. Partly, because it helps you save time, and partly because it helps bring down the app development cost, considerably. You do not have to hire an app developer or designer and that reduces your heartaches by half. All that you need to do is change some graphics. That’s about it. The code remains sacrosanct. You don’t have to touch them at all. And, on top of it, you get to create multiple apps from a single code. What more can you ask for?

Will it be boring to reuse the same apps over and over again?

Given that we are changing the graphics and all, users, generally, don’t mind downloading such apps. If the growing number of app flips are any guide, the app store today is inundated with good number of re-skinned apps — apps with the same gameplay and strategy, save for a few tweaks, here and there. So, if you are having reservations about re-skinning, do away with them now, given that re-skinning is the best bet to skyrocket your app revenue.

Will the source code fit with our app requirements?

Re-Skinned apps, more often than not, are used for in-app advertisements and are available for free. So it doesn’t matter whether the code matches your app requirements or not. What matters here is advertisements within the app given that it helps developers rake in the desired moolah.

For instance, the more app downloads happen, the more the ads get displayed. Now, if you get to reskin these apps, imagine the scope of downloads and ad displays your apps stand to gain.

For instance, an app probably earns you some $10 per day for in-app advertisements. Now re-skin the app in 10 different ways and release it again. A developer would now be able to make $100 dollars in a day. And, monthly it would come to $3000 dollars. That’s magic of re-skinning.

Do we need to buy a source code for re-skinning?

Yes, of course. However, the money forked out for buying source code is comparatively lesser than the money you spend on building newer apps from the scratch. So spending on a source code is actually a worthwhile investment for app developers/game developers and app publishers per se.

And, if you don’t wish to spend on the source code, you can even use the source code of your former apps and make different versions of the same. The only thing that you need to change here is graphics and sounds.

What’s the most popular app category for re-skinning?

Of course, games. Today, you will find a number of apps with the same gameplay. Graphics and sounds differ, though. How does this help? Multiple games mean multiple channels of advertising for developers, which results in multiple revenues generating opportunities. Sounds good…no? In fact, some developers churn out 10 games using the same code that helps them rake big money.

Is cloning different from re-skinning?

Yes, Cloning means out-and-out copying, which is unethical as you might already know. Apple Play Store is dead against such apps. Re-skinning is quite different. In re-skinning, you are using your own code, or buying a licensed code in your name. Plus, you will be changing the graphics, sound and music completely. This cannot be termed as a clone. You coming up with a new app, complete with a new look and feel.

Final Thoughts

Re-skinning is in. But if you wish to build apps from scratch, go on and do so. We’d be there to guide you all the way in case you are pursuing any serious app development, Kratin Software will be happy to help. We have the experience and wherewithal to make your app a super success.

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