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M- Assistant (Digital Assistant for Doctors)

As a patient I would like that I get best of the care in a hospital when I am paying loads of money to them. Right now patient thinks that his medical expenditure is way beyond what it should be, but if we consider inflation, this would be practically too harsh on health care society. So how can a hospital stand out in this domain. Continue reading →

Run Time Management System

It is a highly tedious job to fix an appointment with a doctor at a hospital. It gets worse when it comes to waiting at the reception for our turn to see the doctor. It seldom happens that after that appointment fixation and painful wait at the reception one is unable to meet the doctor as he had to leave for an emergency. Also, navigating through the hospital to reach to our doctors cabin becomes quiet a task. Continue reading →

Patient Information Manager

It will have all the information associated with a patient during all his/her treatment process When patient will undergo a check up,all his/her report details will be entered inside application so that it will later be available to doctor Patient ID will retrieve all the reports stored about that patient Information will be available via WiFi network Continue reading →

Wireless Patient – Doctor Remote Monitoring System

Remote Monitoring visually monitor patient health wirelessly. Remote Monitoring becomes forefront of Mobile Technologies now where it saves patient time . Doctors and Physician finds new ways to interacting with patient and their staff to improve patient care and reducing cost. According to recent survey of Berg Insight says that wireless Remote Monitoring increasing rapidly, with an estimated 2.2 million people worldwide already using it. Continue reading →

Collabrative Care System

The entities today that work together to make a patient healthy work in a very dispersed manner.. doctors, test labs, support staff, and others though work together to help a patient recreate fast but their coordination’s still depends on manual transfer of data and information which leads to dependencies and loss of information. Continue reading →

Health card – Capturing Medical History

Patients have to carry a file of all the previous prescriptions with them in every appointment. The process of getting the prescription from the doctor and purchasing the medicine from a medical shop is rather time consuming which can be optimized. Every time a patient goes to a new doctor , it makes it difficult for the doctor to know about the patients history and prescribe accordingly. Continue reading →