Mobile technology assessment for your organization

Mobile Technology Assessment

Mobile Technology Assessment

What is a mobile technology assessment?

A mobile technology assessment provides organizations with comprehensive information and insights to guide the use of mobile solutions throughout the organizations. A thorough assessment will provide critical information about the infrastructure and supporting technologies necessary to sustain and improve the workflow. Specifically, a mobile technology assessment will provide a comprehensive review of all mobile solution options including risks and benefits of each possible outcome.

To do this, the assessment team of experts will:

# Assess current infrastructure including wireless networks to determine capacity for growth.
# Examine policies and procedures and provide recommendations to close gaps.
# Advise organizations on complimentary technology solutions to augment and overall mobility strategy.

By examining the current state of mobility, the assessment team of experts can help solidify a mobile strategy that meets the needs of today and one that opens doors for appropriate levels of progress into the future.

Why conduct a mobile technology assessment?

The mobile technology assessment is the first step to understanding the needs and goals of the hospital and will identify potential weaknesses that currently exist or could emerge. Potential customers are faced with the overwhelming responsibility of integrating new technology that will positively affect workflows. To ensure that mobile technology results in improved care delivery and meet the requirements set by HIPAA and Meaningful Use, it is important to thoroughly plan and execute solutions with care. Experts who understand technology as well the healthcare space will be able to provide consultation in this process.

A mobile technology assessment will yield the following benefits:

Improved Decision Making Capabilities
# Our assessment documentation, proposed budget, and project planning materials will enable leadership to make informed choices about the right mix of mobile options.

Confidence in Resourcing Efforts
# Our team of experienced professional will give the customer confidence that the information the organization provides encompasses the best practices the industry has to offer and in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies

Solution Goals:
# Provide leadership with budgetary estimates for the procurement and professional services necessary for mobile solutions delivery.
# Using clinical informatics expertise, ensure that future state workflow compliments the organizations chosen solution.
# Surround the mobile solution with expert project management and technical professionals.
# Deliver on specific recommendations from the assessment.

Technology as a Strategy for Connected Care

With an increase in real-time information and point of care demands, it is important to build a mobile technology strategy that compliments patient safety and promotes engagement. As hospitals seek to accomplish these goals, many areas for concern have emerged:

# Selecting the best mobile technology to compliment workflow without compromising data capture.
# Developing and implementing policies and best practices to support BYOD and secure texting.
# Examining wireless infrastructure to determine its capacity to support growing demand.
# Meeting requirements of Meaningful Use at each stage with plans to future expansion.

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