Wireless Patient – Doctor Remote Monitoring System

Remote Monitoring visually monitor patient health wirelessly. Remote Monitoring becomes forefront of Mobile Technologies now where it saves patient time . Doctors and Physician finds new ways to interacting with patient and their staff to improve patient care and reducing cost. According to recent survey of Berg Insight says that wireless Remote Monitoring increasing rapidly, with an estimated 2.2 million people worldwide already using it. Continue reading →

Collabrative Care System

The entities today that work together to make a patient healthy work in a very dispersed manner.. doctors, test labs, support staff, and others though work together to help a patient recreate fast but their coordination’s still depends on manual transfer of data and information which leads to dependencies and loss of information. Continue reading →

Health card – Capturing Medical History

Patients have to carry a file of all the previous prescriptions with them in every appointment. The process of getting the prescription from the doctor and purchasing the medicine from a medical shop is rather time consuming which can be optimized. Every time a patient goes to a new doctor , it makes it difficult for the doctor to know about the patients history and prescribe accordingly. Continue reading →

Uncovering the latent demon : TUBERCULOSIS

In this blog, we wish to discuss roads less traveled in healthcare domain in India and put forward a solution keeping in mind today’s gadget friendly world. Generally, individuals try and cover up issues related to health at prima facie, rather than coming together and working collectively for a solution; which further aggravates the situation […] Continue reading →

Mobility in Retail

Retailers today facing following challenges: Huge competitions from E-Commerce companies. Long queues for payments at billing counter. Walk In – to – Buyer conversion is less. Sales staff on the floor doesn’t have complete details of the product. Consumers cannot take friend’s/family’s opinion. People are not aware about current availability of brands, latest patterns and […] Continue reading →

Mobile – An important component of EHR/EMR

By now it is becoming quite clear that the billions of dollars in government incentives to get physicians using electronic health record solutions have moved the market. According to an article in Healthcare IT News, 77 percent of docs practicing in free-standing physician offices have an EHR installed. The news is even better for hospital-owned practices where […] Continue reading →

Kick start on JS MVC Framework for HTML developers

In this blog we’ll be discussing about different JavaScript MVC frameworks that are currently available, and how to choose best one according to your project needs.   First we can start with what is MVC and why it is important? Model–view–controller (MVC) is a software architectural pattern. It divides a given software application into three interconnected parts (called […] Continue reading →