Mobile : The next flight for Airlines!

In recent past , Airlines have faced serious problems in raising revenues. With tremendous pressure to take user experience to new heights, Airline companies initiated research and extensive studies where carried out. According to data from Google’s “The 2013 Traveller‘ study” 46% of leisure travellers (and 61% of business travellers) use a smartphone to “check-in” […] Continue reading →

Need to Mobilize

Mobile has made a strong hold in the world and is continuing to do so. Cisco research says that cell tower based data traffic has grown by 81% worldwide in 2013. Over half a billion (526 million) mobile devices and connections were added in 2013, which is a huge number and indicates that mobile is […] Continue reading →

Solution thoughts around EU “Health in Horizon 2020”

Let’s explore how technology solutions can assist around seven main themes of EU Horizon 2020 program, ‘Personalising health and care’ 

  • Understanding health, ageing and disease, Effective health promotion, disease prevention, preparedness and screening, Improving diagnosis, Innovation treatments and technologies, Advancing active and healthy ageing, Integrated, sustainable, citizen-centered care, Improving health information, data exploitation and providing an evidence based for health policies and regulation
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OpenMRS web service integration

Overview OpenMRS was created to meet the need of scaling up the treatment of HIV in Africa, but it has been proved to be a general purpose EMR (electronic medical record) system. Its open source, licensed under the “OpenMRS Public License” which is based on the Mozilla Public License. There have being some successful deployment […] Continue reading →

Bootstrap for faster and easier web development : Part 2

In my pervious blog, I mentioned some point about bootstrap and now I am going to tell how it is useful for our day to day project or how to implement bootstrap in the project. By adding bootstrap.min.js, bootstrap.min.css and jquery.js, you can begin to develop any site or application with Bootstrap. Now to […] Continue reading →

Healthcare Key Disruptive Trends: Personalized, Collaborative, Preventive – Part 2

Technology advancements in collaboration are enabling physicians stay connected in real time with patients, other physicians, nursing staff, pharmacist.  Collaboration is evolving around effective communication mechanisms (messaging, audio, video, sharing workspace, remote monitoring ),  healthcare providers catching up with active participation in online assistance and legal framework getting strict to ensure patient privacy. Trend for IT solutions is to move up from secured communication to context aware assistance during collaboration session. Let’s view this journey of collaboration for better healthcare…

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