Introduction to Hadoop

We live in the data age. It’s not easy to measure the total volume of data stored electronically, Analyst group IDC’s new Digital Universe study predicts there will be 40 Zettabytes of data on the planet by 2020, an amount that exceeds previous forecasts by 14%.To put that into a real world context, 40 ZB […] Continue reading →

IPA Decompilation.

With the sudden boom in mobile,users want browsing the internet to bank transactions to booking a ticket, everything on mobile. With this boom, the malwares in mobiles have also become a problem for developers and users alike. Keeping in mind some simple steps we can reduce it to minimum. iOS uses sandboxing which disables application […] Continue reading →

Optimizations on UITableView

Many a times while using tables in my applications I use to spend substantial amount of time browsing through forums and blogs, search for tips on table optimizations so that I can get best performance in my implementation of table view. But as always this information was scattered and didn’t found a single page covering […] Continue reading →

Mobile Phones as Medical devices

Mobile applications entered into health care just as an extensions of lifestyle for consumers. Consumers could use them for counting calories, keeping track of diet and fitness routines or even for help with quitting smoking. Since, smart phone usage is gaining so much popularity the number of possibilities has increased tremendously, from tracking prescription refills […] Continue reading →


Many greetings reader. Working in android every developer in his developer’s-life-cycle must have come across database and cursor’s. Cursor is a really powerful interface that can hold all the varied result set returned by the database query. When you want to fetch large varied result set from one application to another, you perform a query […] Continue reading →