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Lost in Million Locations

In today’s digital world we often come across the word “Cloud” especially if you are a mobile developer like me. Being a mobile developer maximum times we get stuff from the cloud or upload stuff on the cloud and even if we need to store data locally on the device its nothing more than couple […] Continue reading →

Chromecast Technical Blog

This is a technical blog on how to develop Chromecast applications on Android. I expect that the reader’s do know what Chromecast actually is, if not I would recommend you to take a look at part 1 of this blog to know very basic details about Chromecast device. Here’s the Part-1. With the latest update […] Continue reading →


Who is it for You should read further if you are interested to know answer to following questions What exactly is Chromecast ? Device configuration and other connection details How it works ? What are existing interesting solutions available ? Is there a room for innovation ? What exactly is Chromecast ? Many times, you […] Continue reading →


Many greetings reader. Working in android every developer in his developer’s-life-cycle must have come across database and cursor’s. Cursor is a really powerful interface that can hold all the varied result set returned by the database query. When you want to fetch large varied result set from one application to another, you perform a query […] Continue reading →