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Uncovering the latent demon : TUBERCULOSIS

In this blog, we wish to discuss roads less traveled in healthcare domain in India and put forward a solution keeping in mind today’s gadget friendly world. Generally, individuals try and cover up issues related to health at prima facie, rather than coming together and working collectively for a solution; which further aggravates the situation […] Continue reading →

Mobile optimized web design

Use of mobile increasing rapidly all around the world.  People are using mobile applications in their day to day life. Even for internet surfing peoples prefers mobile devices over desktops. Traditionally websites were designed to fit on desktop screen. These websites not render properly on mobile screen. Unfortunately much of the web isn’t optimized for […] Continue reading →

Considerations for Designing a Mobile Application

Mobile applications are basically software products hence all the design principles and patterns out of the regular software design books applies to a mobile application development as well. Yet like all unique software environments, mobile applications also has its unique set of environmental constraints. Following are the design guidelines which equips you with the required […] Continue reading →