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Twisted Testers

A Tester is a person who is able to rapidly discover highly relevant information about the product, who makes the most use of any resource that is available to him/her, and who has the respect of people involved in a project. It is a person who can be trusted. There will be times, when as […] Continue reading →

5 Facts on Testers

Tester is a integral part of every product team but many a time a question is common, Does one who find bugs is a tester ? The answer is a straight no, finding bugs is only a part of testers job. From my experience, listed below are 5 facts explaining Who is a Tester… Testing […] Continue reading →

UI automator review

Many people like me are in search for a automation framework for testing UI of there android application. I searched and explored several tools and later found that Android itself provides a powerful and efficient framework to Automate functional UI testcases that can be run against your app on one or more devices. The UIautomator […] Continue reading →

Bug Birth to Death

On every Software Testing Forum,Group a word is common known as Bug,What actually a bug is a question worth asking.Bug is nothing but a creation of a human error left by human(Developer) and its the moral duty of another human(Tester) to find and report it. The process of creating and reporting bug sounds simple but […] Continue reading →

Interrupt testing on mobile

Interrupt testing is process to replicate abrupt(Unexpected) interrupt to the application. This can be achieved in various ways and techniques depending on the application under test. Common Interrupts : 1]Phone call when the application is running or is in background 2]Battery removal when the application is running or is in background 3]Device shut down 4]OS […] Continue reading →