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Mobility in Retail

Retailers today facing following challenges: Huge competitions from E-Commerce companies. Long queues for payments at billing counter. Walk In – to – Buyer conversion is less. Sales staff on the floor doesn’t have complete details of the product. Consumers cannot take friend’s/family’s opinion. People are not aware about current availability of brands, latest patterns and […] Continue reading →

Overview of online survey tools

This blog is for the organization who wants to conduct a survey, perform data collection and aggregation. This blog gives a brief introduction of various tools available for online survey which can perform conduction of survey, collection of survey data and aggregation. When it comes to gathering information or getting feedback from subscribers, surveys are […] Continue reading →

Chromecast Technical Blog

This is a technical blog on how to develop Chromecast applications on Android. I expect that the reader’s do know what Chromecast actually is, if not I would recommend you to take a look at part 1 of this blog to know very basic details about Chromecast device. Here’s the Part-1. With the latest update […] Continue reading →

Mobile Website : Consumers are more likely to buy online when the site meets their mobile needs.

According to Google, “smart-phone users are a significant and fast growing segment of Internet users.” Because of this, Google has recently decided to rank companies with mobile sites higher in mobile web searches than websites that are not optimized for mobile. Even if your website shows up on the first page in a Google search […] Continue reading →

Mobile : The next flight for Airlines!

In recent past , Airlines have faced serious problems in raising revenues. With tremendous pressure to take user experience to new heights, Airline companies initiated research and extensive studies where carried out. According to data from Google’s “The 2013 Traveller‘ study” 46% of leisure travellers (and 61% of business travellers) use a smartphone to “check-in” […] Continue reading →