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Kick start on JS MVC Framework for HTML developers

In this blog we’ll be discussing about different JavaScript MVC frameworks that are currently available, and how to choose best one according to your project needs.   First we can start with what is MVC and why it is important? Model–view–controller (MVC) is a software architectural pattern. It divides a given software application into three interconnected parts (called […] Continue reading →

Mobile optimized web design

Use of mobile increasing rapidly all around the world.  People are using mobile applications in their day to day life. Even for internet surfing peoples prefers mobile devices over desktops. Traditionally websites were designed to fit on desktop screen. These websites not render properly on mobile screen. Unfortunately much of the web isn’t optimized for […] Continue reading →

Chromecast Technical Blog

This is a technical blog on how to develop Chromecast applications on Android. I expect that the reader’s do know what Chromecast actually is, if not I would recommend you to take a look at part 1 of this blog to know very basic details about Chromecast device. Here’s the Part-1. With the latest update […] Continue reading →

Introduction to material design – Polymer

Now a days mobile applications gaining popularity, Many javascript frameworks are available for mobile based UI using HTML5. The challenge is to allow developer to create an application that can responsive on desktop browser as well as mobile. JQuery mobile, sencha touch, Kendo UI, Twitter bootstrap etc. are popularly used by developers worldwide. Interesting thing […] Continue reading →

Visualization made easy: Nanocubes

Representation leads to problems when it comes to presentation large of amount of data. Many  frameworks like Leaflet.js, Jquery visualize plugin, ZingCharts etc now a days represent information in graphs and charts.  This can visualize information in scalable, understandable manner, but what if data is too large? Consider bar chart with millions of bars. Its […] Continue reading →

Bootstrap for faster and easier web development : Part 2

In my pervious blog, I mentioned some point about bootstrap and now I am going to tell how it is useful for our day to day project or how to implement bootstrap in the project. By adding bootstrap.min.js, bootstrap.min.css and jquery.js, you can begin to develop any site or application with Bootstrap. Now to […] Continue reading →

JavaScript Performance Improvement Tips

With the increasing demand on interactive and user tailored content aspects of web pages, web pages are getting evolved into web apps. Web apps which are smart enough to take care of most of the logical decision by themselves instead of getting back to the server, decision like UI lay-outing based the target browser dimensions, […] Continue reading →